Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Doubles - Day 1

The C&F Boys

Firstly, two apologies; I'm rubbish with names so I can't remember the names of anyone we played apart from Dave and Steve and I took no photos at all during the tournament. Sorry about that. So, I'm going to do a three part review of the weekend and then hopefully Andy will do a post as well. Here's the list we took, so without further ado...

Game 1 vs Orks & Imperial Guard

They had one huge unit of Nob Bikerz (all unique, natch) and a little unit of Grotz in the Ork half and a Manticore, Marbo, CCS, two units of Veterans, two Vendettas and some Scout Sentinals. We won the Attacker/Defender roll off and chose to attack. This meant that they only got to deploy one of their forces while we got to deploy both of ours. The spacing meant that we couldn't get a 1st turn charge off but by turn 2, we had our two big mobz and the Stormboyz in against the Nobz. If we had won this combat we would probably have won the game.

Unfortunately, we did no damage at all shooting on the way in, one of our Klaws ended up going on the Warboss rather than the squad where we needed him and our regular attacks did the square root of nothing. By the end of turn 3, all three units had been destroyed and our hopes rested on our Grotz killing half a dozen Nob Bikerz to win the game.

The only mistake we really made was forgetting that Trukks are Fast vehicles so Ghaz could have been travelling 19" per turn which might have gotten him somewhere near the big combat with a Waaarrrgh. As it was, the Trukk got blown up around midtable and he didn't have much impact.

Game 2 vs Dark Eldar & Dark Eldar

Andy and I deployed in opposite corners while our opponents did likewise while the Objectives formed a cross in the middle of the board. They went first and managed to blow up Ghaz's Trukk in Turn 1 which should have left him out of the game completely. Fortunately, they then kept feeding him units to kill. We Waaarrrghed when we charged into the first unit of Incubi. They then made the huge mistake of charging the second unit into Ghaz while he was still invulnerable. With Ghaz and his Nobz rampaging through everything they touched, Andy's Boyz went reasonably unmolested and claimed three Objectives.

Game 3 vs Orks & Chaos Space Marines

Another unique mission in which the defenders start their entire army within 6" of the centre line, then the attackers go first but the defenders fall back to the centre and automatically regroup. Being a kill point mission, this means that you have to wipe a unit out if you're attacking, none of this letting them run away nonsense. Our opponents won the roll off to decide attacker/defender and chose to defend. With the set up, this meant that we were going to get a first turn charge off. By the end of our turn 1, we had killed two Rhinos, two Trukks, a Battlewagon and 11/12 Boyz from one of the Trukks. We pulled off multi-assaults against the stationery vehicles and with 5KP in the bag it was nearly all over then.

We spent the rest of the game finishing off the Orks and staying away from the Plague Marines and Obliterators (even though I did keep imploring Andy to run over the PMs with one of his Battlewagons!) Afterwards, I felt pretty bad for our opponents as they must have realised half way through our first movement phase that we were going to get all of our nasty Power Klaws into their vehicles.

So, day 1 finished with two big wins and one big defeat. However, we'd not been doing very well on the Secondary Missions (mainly because we both kept getting the kill a unit of 10 or more models in one turn of shooting) so we were probably going to start day 2 somewhere around halfway...

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