Friday, 30 September 2011

Stranger on the shores of fenris

Seems like ages since I've blogged anything or actually played 40k, holidays, birthdays, weddings and going back to school have all contributed to a very busy month with a lot of long nights.

However I have still been thinking about my armies and where I am going with them.
Open War is fast approaching and although I haven't had many warm up games I am well versed with my Wolf army and I expect no changes too it so that's that, 2 rune priests, grey hunters lead by pack leaders, 3 units of long fangs and an autocannon dread.

I have continued to think about my grey knights list and where I want to take it. I had always planned on only have a power armoured force maybe with a few henchmen chucked in but that was until I chanced across a list on bolter and chainsword that caught my eye so I had a think about modifying it and as always I welcome constructive criticism

The HQ's are a grand master with rad and psychotroke grenades and Coteaz

Elites are a 10 man paladin squad (with lots of toys) and a ven psfleman

a 10 man strike squad in a rhino with psycannons and hammers
and 2 3 man melta gun henchmen squads in rhinos

Heavy support is a god hammer land raider with a melta gun

So that's it, with average rolls on grand strategy you can have the paladins and ven dread as scoring units. The big deathstar unit scares me a little its a lot of points in one unit but I've come up against them and there is no doubt that they take some serious killing.

Re-formatted by C&F 10:40

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