Thursday, 1 September 2011

Guess Who's Back

Well hello there! It's been a while...

I've been pretty busy over the last couple of months (drinking, going to festivals, drinking, playing sport, drinking, discovering Brazilian cuisine, drinking, learning how to make cocktails, drinking, watching sport, drinking, writing songs, drinking, getting engaged, drinking, growing a moustache and drinking) Unfortunately this has left no time for playing 40K or even indulging in any 40K-related stuff. This has been exacerbated by 85% of the people at the club starting a Blood Bowl league and the other 15% playing some bizarre comped version of 40K. All of this led to my "10 Week Challenge" being drowned at birth like an unwanted kitten.

With my batteries recharged and my head full of new ideas, I thought that I'd give a little teaser of what I'll be posting in the next week or so:

The unkillable man takes on the unkillable woman in a "Why won't you die?!" Area of Death special
Andy and my plans for the GW doubles
George Michael helps me rant about Sisters of Battle
How I nearly turned to the dark side
My initial thoughts on Blog Wars 2
Part 1 of my Space Wolf codex review
A Know Your Rules Njal Nova special
A new feature called Your Move

All being well, I should also be able to announce the timing and theme of this year's xenos week. Last year's Ork Week was really good and hopefully this year will be bigger and better.

(Hmm, just realised that this post doesn't really say anything. Hopefully the picture of me with a comedy moustache will be enough to make you tune in for the proper posts)


  1. Gav, you need to fix the width on that pic, it's scarier than it needs to be!

  2. All i'm thinking is.........

    118 118 :p

  3. Fixed the photo....well the size of it at least...I can do nothing for the actual look of the photo...

  4. Damn, I liked it when it was oversized lol

    I actually agree with Mrs Lane, it makes me look like Paul McCartney just after his "motorcycle accident" (daedsiluap)

  5. I liked the picture better when it was poster sized! And I never appreciated ironic facial hair to be honest. I had an ironic mustache for one summer though, many many years ago before it became trendy :P


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