Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday Musings


Since it's Talk Like a Pirate Day, there's only one place to start...

We're going to need a bigger boat
Yep, Dreadfleet. It went up for pre-order over the weekend and I am slightly tempted. I love a good pirate yarn and the models look incredible (actually, when was the last time a new GW model didn't look incredible?) However, £70 is a bit steep for a game that would only get occasional use at best...


No school like the old school
Lovely old school Land Raider from Forge World. What price nostalgia? £80. Hmm, when they release a retro Rhino, will they be in packs of three? It does look awesome though. The thing is I always told myself that my next Land Raider would be one of these babies...

Games Day

So, Games Day UK is fast approaching. I'm not really that bothered about going after Mick went and said that it wasn't very good. However, I would like to see what GW has in store for the new Necron models. I'm a bit disappointed that we've not heard any news about either IA11 or plastic Thunderwolves which I had hoped we might see at GD. IA11 was confirmed as Wolves and Eldar a long time ago and we've seen some nice lloking new Eldar models but still nothing wolfy. As for the Thunderwolves, I'm starting to think that we may not get them this side of 6th edition. Don't get me wrong, it's been brilliant to see all of the new Dark Eldar models that have come out this year and, if I'm being honest, Tyranids could use a Tervigon/Tyranofex kit before us. But, with the rumours being that IG are getting a release early next year, I feel a bit unloved. Yes, we still have one of the best codices out there but I'd like ot be able to run an army that's really wolfy.

(To be honest, I would probably have bought a couple of Storm Ravens to tide me over if they had been ret-conned as expected in the so called "Summer of Flyers". Whatever happened to that?)

Will you be getting Dreadfleet? Or a retro Raider? Are you going to Games Day? What did happen to the summer of flyers? Will Monday Musings be a one off?


  1. What did happen to the Summer of Fliers..

    I'm off to Games Day bro, if you don't make it I'll be scouting around for any hidden gems of FW goodness and absconding with any designer types I can to wring them for info! lol.

    Yeah, Dreadfleet? meh.

    It has to be said, Dark Eldar getting a steady stream of loving = awesome...

  2. Summer of flyers, I gues the Internet isn't always right!

    Dreadfleet, I have to say I'm also tempted. They've done a good job of making it look fun but I have to say that my interest is tempered by the fact that uncharted seas is out there and I know which one is likely to be supported by its publisher i'n the future.

    Monday musings, keep it going, it's like a week i'n review by another name. Love it!

  3. I like that Dreadfleet is a one shot, one box deal. Plus they'd let us play it at WHW!

  4. Cool, I'll be looking forward to some behind the scenes FW info...

  5. We got Ships, but naval ones!

    As for the Thunderwolves, I was at the FW open day back in June(ish) and they said a big fat no to TW, IA 11 is more about Eldar and IG with a smattering of Wolves.

    But hey we will get a Wolf Lord who turns into a wolf lord and lets Grey Hunters OBEL like wolf scouts :D

  6. I'm still a bit surprised that we haven't heard much about IA11 since then.

    I knew that we wouldn't be getting resin doggies but I was kind of hoping that GW might release them in plastic to coincide with IA11. Hmm, might have to try and convert some of those new Ogre models.

    Still looking forward to OBEL Grey Hunters tho, shame I doubt anyone will let me use them!


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