Saturday, 24 September 2011

On The Warpath!


I've just been brousing the tinterweb and have spent a few minutes drooling over the new miniatures from Mantic Games' Warpath game, which should be out soon. The game system has been written by ex-GW scribe Alessio Cavatore. I'm not sure who has sculted the models, but... I LIKE!

Here follows a link to their website:

I've also taken the liberty of posting a few pictures below, which I have borrowed from their website. All images are of course copyright Mantic Games (hope I've not done anything naughty?!).


  1. While I do not mind the dwarf hero I do not really like the heavy weapons guys or the gun.

    The orcs are hero is ok.

    I have not seen any mantic line that I like enough to use as an army.

  2. I quite like some of their fantasy stuff (mainly because it's so much cheaper than GW) but I don't really like these. They just seem a bit static. The same thing was true about GW sculpts in the mid '90s tho, so hopefully we'll see Mantic improve on a similar trajectory...


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