Friday, 2 September 2011

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Next week is the official GW 40K Doubles tournament at Warhammer World, and Andy and myself are lucky enough to have tickets. However, we've only just decided what armies we'll be taking and it's been a bit of a long, arduous decision...

Firstly, we didn't want to take Wolves and Angels since everyone will be taking some variant of Power Armour (I'd be pleasantly surprised if the three most popular forces weren't BA, SW and GK) Then, I was quite keen to put together a Dark Eldar army but the allies matrix means that you get punished for taking anything with Dark Eldar (yes, even other Dark Eldar) So, then we thought about double Orks. Andy already has quite a few and Darren was willing to lend him whatever else we needed.

Then Darren pointed out that the idea of doubles wasn't just to take the same army twice but to come up with something fun. He then said that between himself and his doubles partner Chris, they might be able to lend us a Chaos Daemon/Traitor Guard force - perfect. I even started writing a fluff piece about an Inquisitor investigating heresy on a planet and then being sacrificed to Nurgle (it was a total rip-off of The Wicker Man but I might still finish it off and post it)

However, due to the FOC restrictions, we'd have needed to get about 300 points of both Daemons and IG so with a heavy heart our thoughts returned back to a "Twilight" list made up of shooty Wolves and assaulty Angels.

Then we just thought, nah, let's go with double Orks! Basically, we're going to take Ghaz and try and stomp some oomies!! Hopefully, Andy will post his list ideas this weekend and then we're going to playtest it next week (and then, if it fails hideously, we'll pull out the Wolves and Angels!)

Are you going to the doubles? What are you taking? What do you think of double Orks? Oh, and if you are going, we'll be the two drunk guys in the Claws and Fists T-shirts, so come and say hi...


  1. Matt and I are currently trying to figure out what to take. We'd got a perfect SW/GK combo in mind but when we've tried the missions it wasn't so perfect.

    The missions are atrocious by the way. GW has put very little thought into them and in most of them if you aren't the aggressor you shouldn't bother.

    I really wanted to take Dark Eldar but those stupid alliance charts strike again....

  2. Double Orks? Hell yeah! I'll take orks to my next tournament soon. Orktomber came a month too soon this year!

  3. The first lists have been prepared. The missions are so fucked up that I'm not even considering them in the army build, let's just throw Orks onto the table and see how it goes. Perhaps Gork will smile on us.


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