Friday, 10 December 2010

Of Dice and Men

So yesterday I went for my first of the next phase of the First Company Vets tournament (that still none of us understand how its working).

I played Graham and his Guard, I actually played him in the league format and we drew as we do in the vast majority of our games.

My list consisted of the following

Thunder Lord - Saga of the bear, Hammer, Storm Shield, Two Fenrisian Wolves
Rune Priest - Living Lightening, Murderous Hurricane, Chooser

Scouts x 5 - Melta bombs, Melta gun and plasma pistol
2 squads of 8 grey hunters - rhino, melta gun, wolf standard and a mark of the wulfen
1 squad of 7 grey hunters - rhino, plasma gun, wolf standard and a mark of the wulfen

2 thunder wolves 1 with storm shield and 1 with wolf claw
2 squad of long fans 4 Missile Launchers and a lascannon in each.

So basically it is my open war list scaled down.

Graham won the roll off and went first and promptly tried to nail my Thunder wolves and long fangs. My Fenrisian wolves served their purpose of diving in front of their master to save him but one squad of long fangs ran off the table. I took down a couple of vendettas and once my Thunder wolves got into combat it was fairly vicious immobilising a Leman Russ destroying another and taking out one squad. Unfortunately it was then when I decided to split the squad sending the one remaining Thunderwolf after one squad and my lord with his one remaining wound after another. However to put it bluntly both died. A couple of pokes in the eye from a Guardsman's bayonet and down they went. Fast attack showed its worth when he could put his squads in my table quarters and he won on the mission I however won on kill points so the final scores tallied up as 20 to Graham and 16 to myself.

Bit of a disappointment but I didn't really do anything major wrong.

Following a bit of tea (that's our evening meal in the East Midlands) I was stood watching a few games when Andy arrived who didn't have an opponent so we decided to have a 1750 game using the open war rules which like in my earlier game came out as the table quarters mission.

I used my Open War army list that I am very familiar with and Andy sort of cobbled together a Vanilla Marines list which included Lysander, 3 drop pods, a librarian, an Ironclad and a couple of Land Speeders (which I believe has the makings of a great list)

Again I lost the roll of for deployment so with only an enemy Rhino and some scouts on the table I considered the idea of reserving everything but after seeing how badly it went for Andy a few weeks ago I decided against it.

I went for a very central deployment with the notion of my long fangs being either in or as close to cover as possible so they could leg it. Andy (perhaps he thought he had his Blood Angels hat on) came down straight with Lysander, a librarian his Sternguard and his iron clad in front of my librarian and his squad of grey hunters, another squad of grey hunters with 2 meltas in and my Thunder wolves. He proceeded to shoot everything at my Thunderwolves taking off a couple of wounds and the two dogs. Now it was my turn, everyone got out of the rhinos and proceeded to shoot everything at the contents of the 2 drop pods.
The Iron clad fell to a burst of melta fire, a couple of Sternguard went down but most importantly due to Andy's ridiculous rolling Initiative 1 Lysander was left with 1 wound. As my Thunderwolves, Grey Hunters and Rune Priest piled in the Sternguard and Lysander and they soiled their armour and down they went and at this point unfortunately the game was over for Andy. Andy will say it was down to poor placement but personally I think it was down to some good rolling on my point and some poor rolling on Andy's.

We decided to call it a day at the start of my turn 3 when Andy had his Terminators and the two land speeders left while I had had lost nothing.
It wasn't an enjoyable game really, I just felt guilty about my dice and guilty at crushing a player I know is very good.

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  1. Funny how a bad game can make both sides guilty. I've had fair few games like that and I just feel like I've let the other player down. At the end of the day we're both after a knock-down, drag-out contest and to have to call the game in turn 3 is just a bit sad really!

    I can blame a bit of it on the dice but the positioning was poor and after playing Sternguard for the best part of a year I think I may have had a bit of an epiphany on using them after that drubbing!

    Next time your wolves are going down!


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