Monday, 13 June 2011


Gav was right I'm not aggressive enough when it comes to this game.

The first game at blog wars was one good example another was last week with a game against Tim King's space wolves.

We were a well matched pair, he had slightly more shooting than me but I got first turn and was able to deal some damage while his first turn was relatively poor but due to me not moving my forces forward quick enough I very nearly lost the game, even though on kill points I think I won 14 to 5 (we were playing one of the ETC missions where you have a primary and a secondary mission) but I left it far too late to move my forces up to claim objectives.

Its one of the big problems I have in my gaming (along with deployment) making sure that I think about the mission rather than getting carried away with the game. I look back to some of the tournament games I have had and this has been a trend for a long time.

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  1. I have the same issue.

    Not agression, sometimes I am too agressive when I don't need to be.

    The common issue is your last point - forgetting to play the mission. In my last blog wars game, I knew I was doing it, I even said outloud to my opponent (One of the son's players) "I'm not playing the mission with that move, and I probabrly just lost"

    it was true.

    It is however humbling to think that be recognising my own mistakes, and doing something aboput them, I might have been able to win that game and put myself significantly higher in the brackets.

    For someone who doesnt get to play much, that's quite heartening.

    creed for the day - "Play the mission"


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