Friday, 17 June 2011

Building a Tervigon? A phrase for the slacker in all of us.

Todays little technical malfunction tickled my funny bone somewhat and I began to think that "Building a Tervigon" should enter common language as a phrase to make you sound busy when you're not really doing anything. For example:

"Daddy you've been in the toilet for ages, what are you doing?"
"I'm building a tervigon pumpkin."

Anyone else fancy coming up with some whitty uses for the phrase "building a tervigon"?


  1. Wife: "Come to the bed already! It's almost two o'clock. What are you doing in front of the computer all this time?"
    Gamer: "Just a minute baby, I am building a Tervigon".

    However I am going to create the first schism in the "Building a Tervigon" religion by sticking to my original interpretation of the enigmatic post. BaT™ is all about self-confidence, belief in one's self, inner peace & balance, meditation, reflection and winning attitude. So my example would be:

    Gamer 1: "How are you planning to win the tournament with a footdar list?"
    Gamer 2:"I am going to build me a Tervigon."

  2. I would make it a sort of futile and unskilled but necessary job involving as many shortcuts as you can muster.

    PRIVATE: Sarge, there's no way we can bring that bridge down! We've got no demo specialists, no support weapons, not even a damn grenade, and there must be thirty snipers on the ridge up there!
    SARGE: Well, son, I guess we're just gonna have to build ourselves a damn Tervigon, now won't we?


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