Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Open War Doubles

Just thought I'd post about open war doubles seeing as I've been thinking about what me and Graham can take in our list of Wolves and Guard.

The FoC restrictions at the event mean that we can't take doubles of units except troops (unless of course you are both using the same army) so that means no overloading of long fangs.

Now I did try and convince Graham that we should take wolves and blood angels using Graham's new pre heresy stuff but he wasn't having it instead he has the eyes for tanks and lots of them.

We both have to take a troop and a HQ and after that we just have to use one FOC and divide the points between us so here's my take on my side of the army

Rune priest
Chooser of the slain
Living lightning
murderous hurricane
Wolf guard x 2
Power fist x 2
Combi melta x 2
Grey Hunter x 7
Mark of the Wulfen
Wolf standard
Grey Hunter x 8
Mark of the Wulfen
Wolf standard
Fast attack
Land speeder
Heavy flamer
Heavy support
Long Fangs x 6
Missile launchers x 5

Its just a smaller version of my army but it works
what we need to do is work out a guard list that will work with this.

Remember there are still tickets available and you can get them here

Open wars are always a great event so I hope to see you there.


  1. Looks solid, but how many actual wolf guard are there?

  2. Only 2 Wolf Guard? That's a Neddy-No-No: you have to take 3+

  3. Well I'm hoping to enter this with Jamie (who played BA at Blog Wars). If you guys want a practice game at any point let me know and I'm sure we can arrange a Maelstrom/WHW trip.

  4. Hi mate, I'm coming round to bringing the World Eaters ('counts-as' Blood Angels) largely cos it'll mean less painting to actually get done. I have tactical marines, scouts, some tooled-up and jump-packed Vanguard Vets, a shooty Dread and two Preds already done, plus some jump-pack Assault Marines and two jump-pack Priests on the painting table.

    I'm actually gonna be at the club for a change tonight, so we can chat then!


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