Saturday, 18 June 2011

Time for a New Army....

Well apparently something called 5th Edition happened a little while ago, and while I have been playing it I actually haven't built a new army for it. I've built some small 750pt lists for Doubles events in the past including Word Bearers and Traitor Guard however I haven't developed these further.

Now some of you will notice that I haven't been seen around here in a while and that's for a number of reasons including but not limited to:

  • The fact I hate the internet, blogs and ones about Space Wolves
  • The fact that I've been stupidly busy in my new job meaning I haven't had time to play, paint or even think
  • The fact I hate the internet, blogs and ones about Space Wolves that tell you to steal things
  • The fact that I've grown to hate 40k and now only play Blood Bowl
  • The fact that I was busy "Building a Tervigon"
Now that's out of the way I'll move on to the point of this post...I want to build a new army, to 1750pts, using a 5th Edition Codex...but I don't know which army to do. This is where you come in...I've narrowed it down to a few I'm interested in and would like your comments so...


With a heavy focus on gaunts and gargoyles with a few other bits thrown in for good measure....I'm looking at you Parasite.


Using the FW armour sets to build a "Loyalists of Istvaan III" army that can be used with SW, BA, SM Codex small...elite....but no Razorbacks...


...of the Traitor variety. Think FW renegades with some tanks, beastmen, mutants and a few more tanks...

Grey Knights:

Small...Elite...New...and I keep winning bits to build an army form raffles when I go to Events...

So the floor is open to you all...opinions please...also, links to cool pictures for the above armies would be appreciated for inspiration...

TheBaron Out!

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  1. Hi mate, funnily enough only this morning I was thinking about what armies I've picked to play (whilst I was busy 'building a Tervigon'). And I think it turns out I've picked entirely the wrong armies. It seems the tactics that I like are 'bomb forward and get stuck in at the earliest opportunity'. Had I analysed this a year-and-a-half ago, I would obviously have started with Orks and would probably have been very happy (and possibly even successful) with them. However, I picked CSM for largely aesthetic reasons, and it seems I'm not very good with elite armies where you only have a handful of models.

    So, in a rambling sort of way, I'd recommend thinking about how you'd like to play. Do you like loads of close combat (Nids, Orks etc), loads of shooting (IG, Tau), or lots of thinking and sneaking about (Eldar)? Do you actually have much time to commit to building a horde (Nids), or would an elite army (Marines, GK) be a better use of your time?

    Perhaps even borrow a couple of armies and try 'em out before you commit 6 months to a new army. There's little worse than putting lots of effort into building a new force you end up hating.



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