Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Arena of Death - Bjorn the Fell-Handed vs Old One Eye


Erm, wrong picture

Round 1 - Old One Eye on the charge

Due to the Carnifex's Crushing Claws, Bjorn struck first. Hitting three times he caused two wounds. With an additional two attacks from crushing claws, Old One Eye struck back with 7 attacks. Only 2 hit and of those, only one glanced which turned out to be shaken. In Bjorn's turn, he hit twice and that was enough to kill Old One Eye before he even got a chance to use his Rapid Regeneration.

Round 2 - Bjorn on the charge

Bjorn's Assault Cannon spoke, hitting four times. All four wounded, with two being Rending hits. Fortunately for Old One Eye, the other 2 were saved. On the charge, he hit with just two attacks, causing a single wound. Howling with anger, Old One Eye hit back with 7 attacks (including 3 from his Crushing Claws) However, only two manged to hit but they both penetrated.. Bjorn's Ward of the Primarch failed to prevent either. One was an immobilised and one was an exploded result. However, due to Bjorn being venerable, it was re-rolled as a Stunned. At the start of Old One Eye's turn, he managed to regenerate a single wound, leaving him on 2. Bjorn now attacked three times, hitting only once, but causing a wound. In reply, Old One Eye hit three times. This despite rolling three 1s on the other dice but failing to do anything with his Scything Talons re-rolls. Of the hits, two were penetrating and Bjorn again failed to save them. They came up a Shaken and a Weapon Destroyed. Fearing the loss of his Dreadnought Close Combat weapon, Bjorn ordered a re-roll of the weapon destroyed. Unfortunately, it was enough to wreck him.

Round 3 - No Charge Bonus

Striking first, Bjorn hit three times and caused three wounds. In reply, Old One Eye got three additional attacks and, following re-rolls, hit 6 times! All 6 penetrated but 2 were saved. A Shaken, 2 Wrecked and an Explodes were the results. Re-rolling the worst results gave a Shaken, Weapon Destroyed and another Explodes! Old One Eye had won!

Wow, I thought that Bjorn had that sewn up after the first couple of rounds of combat where OOE couldn't penetrate despite having S10 + 2D6 pen. However, the single regenerated wound kept him in it and he won easily in the third fight. He also won despite me completely forgetting about his Berserk Rampage rule! He's clearly an absolute beast in combat, the only problem I can see is getting him there. In fact he has a lot in common with Bjorn since neither can take Drop Pods. Old One Eye is going to take plenty of Missile fire as he runs his way across the battlefield unless you can present a lot of alternative targets...

So, I've not really seen Old One Eye in (m)any lists. Anyone out there using him?

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