Sunday, 30 October 2011


"Wot yoo lookin' at?"

"Dunno. But itz lookin' back and itz ugly"

The two Warbosses circled each other like caged tigers, Power Klaws ready to strike. Ghazghkull Thraka broke the silence,

"I'm 'ere fer ya boyz. Deres sum krumpin' dat needz ta be dun"

Nazdakka Wotsmirk snorted,

"Ova my ded body"

"I hoped youd say dat"

They threw themselves at each other, Power Klaw ringing against Power Klaw and they both struck. Nazdakka swung again and Ghazghkull ducked before jumping out of the way of the return swing.

"I'm gonna smash your teef in!" Nazdakka yelled as he forced Ghazghkull back with swing after swing of his Klaw. He was starting to get the upper hand but then suddenly


Ghazghkull's Power Klaw closed around the throat of his opponent, decapitating him instantly. The headless body stood motionless for a second, before it finally surrended to gravity. Ghazghkull turned to Snotripper Rustybitz, the Big Mek,

"Get yer Waggonz an get yer Kanz an that spiny fing wot stopz us gettin shot. Itz time to smash sum eadz!"

So, this is the fluff explaining why our two Ork armies were fighting together at the GW Doubles. If I'd written it before the tournament, we'd have scored another point and finished 11 places higher!

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