Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday Musings

Two legs good, six wounds better

I've read this 1984 times you know

We've decided to extend Tyranid Week into Tyranid Fortnight. This is mainly so that the Tyranid players on the blog can actually write some articles! I've been promised a tactics article by Graham and hopefully Darren will write something about his Mycetic Spores. Meanwhile, I'm planning another 'nid Arena of Death and an anti-bug tactica...


More popular than Dreadfleet

Andy and I went to Warhammer World on saturday, hoping to get a look at, and maybe even a demo game of, Dreadfleet. Yet, to our surprise, they didn't even have an open copy in the shop. They also had a lot of copies still on the shelves which, Andy informs me, wasn't the case with Space Hulk. To be honest, I'm glad they didn't have any as if I'd enjoyed playing it I might have bought one and I've got better things to be spending £70 on at the minute (especially since I found out that Fender have re-released the Jaguar Bass)

Looking forward to more 'nids? Have you tried Dreadfleet yet? Oh and if Warfrog is reading this please e-mail us about you very kind offer last Monday...


  1. Hi Gav (and everyone)!

    I will indeed by writing up some Tyranid tactics this evening (as long as Mrs. Graham lets me have the laptop) and I'll also write a match report after I thrash Mick's 'Cheese Fang' Space Wolf list on Thursday at the club...

  2. Its that long since I played I wouldn't doubt it


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