Sunday, 23 October 2011

Open War 16 Recap – Game 1

This weekend was Open War 16, and since my wooden spoon performance back in Open War 12, I've been a real fan of the event. This year the usual suspects of Epic and Fantasy Battle were represented alongside 40k but the 40k numbers were down pretty significantly from last year, due in no small part to a little tournament called Throne of Skulls which was also being held this weekend. Despite the slightly lower numbers than usual, the Tournamnet was a great success with the usual high standard of play and sportsmanship I've come to expect. On with the details!

My list:

Librarian (TDA, SS w. Null Zone &Gate of Infinity)

2x Dreadnought (2x TL Autocannon)
7-man Terminator Assault Squad (2xTHSS, 2x LC)

10-man Tactical Squad (Meltagun,Multi-Melta, Combi-Melta) in a Rhino
2x 5-man Tactical Squad in Razorback(TL, Plasmagun, Lascannon)

Land Speeder (Heavy Bolter, TyphoonMissile Launcher)
Land Speeder (Multi-Melta TyphoonMissile Launcher)

2x Predators (Autocannon 2x Lascannon)
Thunderfire Cannon

Game 1 vs Grey Knights

Grand Master w. Psych-o-joke and RadGrenades and MC Psycannon
Librarian w. MoT, WR, Shroud, Sanc,and maybe a few others

Venerable Dread w. 2x TL Autocannon &Psybolt Ammo

6-man Terminator Squad (Hammer,Psycannon, Halberds)
2x 5-man Strike Squads (Psycannon) inRazorback w. Psybolt Ammo

2x Dread w. 2x TL Autocannon &Psybolt Ammo
Land Raider Crusader w. Psybolt Ammo

The mission was to control three objectives placed diagonally across the centre of the board. The deployment zones were set up diagonally 18” down from the top right-hand corner and 18” in from the bottom left corner. Kel got first turn and put me in a zone with little cover but a hill which gave me some elevation for my TFC and Preds. I've played Kel before and he really uses the terrain on the board in combination with shrouding to ensure that his critical units never having anything less than a 3+save from anything that shoots in their direction.

So what I'm trying to say in around-about way, is that this was an uphill struggle, made even more difficult by the fact that Kel's dice did not seem to roll 1's! For example, over the course of 2 turns, the TFC put 28 wounds on his 5-man terminator squad with resulted in 1 dead terminator and a wound on his Grand Master. In fact, over the course of the game those were the only wounds I put on that squad despite getting some close attention from the Preds and the Plasma-backs!!

But it wasn't all about my opponent's hot dice, I did have some measure of success, taking out a Dread, both Razorbacks and a Strike Squad. But at the end of the game all I had left was a Predator with an Autocannon and Kell had all of the objectives. Final score 8-25 LOSS

Game 2, same time tomorrow!


  1. Nice write-up. Sounds like you were unlucky note to kill a couple more Termies. I take it that you were shooting at them because you couldn't see the Strike Squads? I would have thought that killing 10 Marines and D3 Dreadnoughts to guarantee a draw would have been easier than trying to kill the Terminators...

  2. Yeah, I took out the only strike squad I could see but the terminators and his ven dread were also scoring (Grand Strategy) so the Terminators were the more threatening and "easier target"!


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