Saturday, 29 October 2011

Rise of the Machines

This weekend sees the long-awaited re-release of your friendly neighbourhood undead Androids, the Necrons (especially if your name is Steve). For as long as I've been playing, Necrons have been a little bit, umm, naff. From the first Necron Warrior that was given away on the front cover of White Dwarf in the mid-nineties, they have always been an under-realised army for me. But I think that officially stops today!


Critically, the new Necron models have been given some character, which has been sadly lacking in previous releases. The infantry models all seem to have a unifying theme not unlike the Tomb Kings, themselves recently released by GW (one wonders if there were some leftover Tomb King bitz lying around the studio and got utilised on the new Necrons?). The poses are also great - no longer are they the stiff old pensioners of WH40k, but instead are now fully positionable. Indeed, they almost look alive!

Big Guns

The other big change to the Necron line of models is the addition of some much-needed technology.  The Necrons have gained two vehicle kits today, the first a frankly awesome-looking battle barge (top picture) and a shorter gun-skiff (right). Both of them are very evocative models, bringing to mind ancient tombs and (at least for me) the Alien pilot scene from the original 1977 movie.

What Next?

So there you go - a quick glance at some of the new models from Games Workshop. I am very pleased indeed that GW seem to be going through a really creative phase at the moment. Long may it continue! I look forward to seeing some of the new Necrons on the gaming table very soon - Gav, I think you have some serious thinking to do - Dark Eldar or Necrons? I know which I'd go for!

In other news, please check out my personal blog ROGUE TRADER -  latest posts include a review of Lantz McDonald's re-released Fandex: Adeptus Mechanicus and also the latest development work on my very own fandex, Codex: Squat Stronghold. Please check it out, and feel free to get involved! We always love to hear from you.

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