Friday, 14 October 2011

A return to the Wolves

Last night I had my first game for around 6 weeks.
I was hoping for a Open War practice, just to remind people Open War is a week tomorrow and for the October Open War there are no special characters allowed. However the idea that it was Open War practice was miscommunicated.
There are many links to my list on here but just to remind people
2 rune priests both with Living lightning one with Jaws the other with Murderous Hurricane
3 wolf guard fists and combi meltas
2 speeder
4 squads of grey hunters
3 squads of long fangs
A fairly standard wolf list
I've said it many times I'm not a good battle report writer but I thought I'd comment on a few points.
1. I should have given Graham first turn. It was pretty much a wasted turn.
2. You can't beat using Murderous Hurricane on stealers that want to move
3. Grey Hunters really do stand up to anything in combat, 2 squads of grey hunters and their wolf guard charged by a very badly wounded carnifex and some stealers, who came out on top? The Grey Hunters
So not a long post but it was good to get back playing although I am very tired, hopefully get a game in next week before Open War.


  1. best batrep evar!

  2. I'm pretty rusty too! Not had a game since I moved in with the Mrs! Got Open war and blog wars in the next 2 weeks!


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