Monday, 17 October 2011

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Tyranid Fortnight

Well, the bugs are gone and it's back to normal here on Rending Claws and Spinefists.  A few quick links off the back of it:

1) Darren's awesome Mycetic Spores
2) Warfrog's fantastic blog on modelling Tyranid beasties
3) Graham's step-by-step guide to creating your very own Tervigon

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed this year's xenos week. If we're still here we'll do something similar next year so get your requests in early...

The Necrons are coming

I'm sure everyone has seen the pictures of the amazing looking new Necron models by now and by all accounts they should be up for pre-order at the end of the week. I have to admit I am slightly tempted since drybrushing is about the only painting technique that I've come close to mastering. The thing is, I see the Necrons as mainly a foot army. They march towards you and they're really hard to put down and, if you do put them down, they just get back up. So I'm not sure how to feel about the new vehicles even though they look awesome. To be honest I don't really have the time, money or energy to put together a new army but if I did it would be a straight choice between Necrons and Dark Eldar...

Did you enjoy Tyranid Fortnight? Are you looking forward to the Necrons?

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