Monday, 24 October 2011

Open War 16 Recap - Game 2

Game 2 vs Grey Knights

Grand Master

10-man Purifier Squad (Halberds, 2x Psycannons, Daemonhammer) in Rhino

5-man Strike Squad (Psycannon) in Razorback w. Psybolt Ammo
2x 5-man Terminator Squad (Hammer, Psycannon, Halberds)

Storm Raven (TL Multi Melta, TL Assault Cannon, Psybolt Ammo)

Land Raider
Dreadnought (Assault Cannon, Psybolt Ammo)

Another familiar face playing Grey Knights lined up across the table from me. Keith has been playing Grey Knights since they were Daemon Hunters and, in fact, he beat me with them the last time we played so I was out for revenge!

The mission was table quarters with a pitched battle deployment, I won first turn and picked a board edge with some elevation for my tanks and artillery. First turn was Dawn of War so I pushed forward with my units to take the centre of the table early, Keith sent his strike squad and a unit of Terminators in the Land Raider down my right flank, leaving his unit of Purifiers to hold the middle of his deployment zone.

I managed to crack the Razorback open and the Thunderfire Cannon gave it's usual love to the squishy contents and this time it would not be denied by armour saves. A single Gery Knight was left standing to be dispatched by a tactical combat squad a turn later.

Over on the left side of the board Keith's Storm Raven had arrived and disgorged it's Dreadnought and Terminator squad next to my Assault Terminators and Plasma-backs. The GKTs were dispatched with relative ease by the Assault Terminators and the Storm Raven was quickly immobilised and stun-locked (thanks to some awesome Psychic Hood action from my Librarian) until it was eventually wrecked a few turns later. The Dread caused a bit more trouble wrecking both Razorbacks before it fell to one of my Speeders.

My Assault Terminators gated off to take on the Purifiers (who they ended up wiping) and my combat squads on the left moved to secure the two quarters there. My right table quarter however, was where the game would be decided. His GM and Terminator Squad were behind a building deep in my deployment zone supported by the Land Raider with good LoS to my units. I had positioned my Preds and Speeders to protect the combat squad I had contesting the quarter, to the point where I didn't think Keith had a line of sight to them. Rather brilliantly though, Keith managed to get a shot on them with his Terminators, he killed two and they failed their leadership test fleeing off the table and giving Keith the quarter. Final score 17-13 WINNING DRAW

Last game report, same time tomorrow!

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