Monday, 17 October 2011

To Shoot or Not To Shoot

Annie, get your Missile Launcher

A couple of examples from my Wolf Scouts in last week's game with Andy. Both squads were identical and they both went BEL and I rolled well enough to be able to bring them both onto Andy's board edge...

Unit 1

Come on next to a Rifleman Dreadnought and a 5-man Combat Squad of Tactical Marines featuring a Missile Launcher.

Unit 2

Come on behind two Predators and a Rifleman Dreadnought.

Unit 1

Shot at the Dreadnought with a Meltagun and Combi-Melta and blew it up

Unit 2

Didn't fire and multi-charged the Dreadnought and 2 Predators.

What's the point?

So, the point is that by shooting at the Dreadnought with the 1st unit, I denied myself any chance to charge into combat. Subsequently, I got charged by the Combat Squad and they managed to wipe me out. In fact, I should probably have shot the squad and then multi-charged, ensuring that my Power Fist was against the Dread.

Similarly, Andy had assumed that I was going to fire before charging with the 2nd squad but having learnt from the first instance, I wanted to make sure that I could get into all three enemy units.

Obvious lesson is obvious

It really is this simple - sometimes you're better off not shooting before you charge! And you're always better off charging, since if you're locked in combat, then you can't be shot. As Elton John would say, it's the circle of life...

Ever shot and wished you hadn't? Or not shot and wished you had?


  1. Assault the shooty ones.
    Shoot the assaulty ones.

    That's one of the maxims that I try to remember before I get all excited and start blasting stuff for short-term gains but long-term losses. There's nothing as annoying for Grey Knight support Dreads as having a unit of Scouts trying up them up and dragging supporting units away from the middle of the board to deal with them.

    OOC: Do you normally prefer to run with 1 Scout squad or 2?

  2. It's a good maxim, although there are also times you want to assault the assaulty ones if only to prevent them from getting the charge...

    I tried running one pack of Wolf Scouts for ages but found them a bit too random. I even ditched them altogether for a while but I missed them too much so now I'm running two packs to try and mitigate that randomness. Having said that, I still managed to have an "anything but a 1" moment in a game last week with my second pack. I needed them to turn up on my right flank but they decided they preferred the left!


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