Monday, 23 January 2012

Caledonian Uprising battle reports - a descent to the bottom

So this weekend me, Graham and John (from the Bloodclaw blog) attended the Caledonian uprising tournament at Maelstrom run by Tim and team Scotland.

These battle reports are only going to be brief so don't expect detail because no matter what intentions I go with to make good notes etc of my games I never follow through with it, I forget by turn three so it all goes to pot.

Some good news started the day on Saturday, Maelstrom now do Bacon sandwiches, the bad news, it came with butter on, now I don't care how you do it round the country in the East Midlands we don't put butter on a bacon sandwich, Maelstrom is in the East Midlands and so should be following convention. That being said it was a nice bit of bacon.

Game 1 saw me come up against Ian a Guard player with what you'd describe as an unusual list. Foot based infantry, 4 Russ' and 3 of the chemcannon toting Hellhounds which I always call chemdogs (and will be for the rest of the battle report.
The mission was annihilation primary objective, 5 objectives secondary, quite a tight game in all, he destroyed my vehicles fairly quickly, I destroyed the chemdogs, couldn't scratch the armour 14 (get ready for this being a trend) and in the end lost 17-3 being very close on VP's but just having too many KP's. It was a disappointing result because I didn't think I played badly enough to have a comprehensive loss but it was an enjoyable game because Ian was a cracking lad.

Game 2 saw me come up against a Viper heavy Dark Eldar list played by Jamie. I really expected to struggle against this list but it turned out to be my one win of the weekend. He won first turn and killed a long fang squad and immobilised my dreadnought and a las plas. I opened up with everything else and wiped out the majority of his shooting. After I had taken away his mobility it became a bit of a forgone conclusion. I felt bad for Jamie because he didn't make one flicker field save but he took the loss on the chin. I was incredibly stupid however and in the last turn I forgot to move a rhino with a squad in the 2 inches to secure my objective to tie on the secondary so I lost the secondary, won the primary and won on Vp's giving me a 15-5 win when it should have been a 17-3 but for my stupidity.

Game 3 found Guard against me once again wielded by the competent hands of Paul Burke, I lost the roll and like a leaf was blow away. I didn't feel that I played poorly for my standard I'm just not as good as Paul as he showed finishing 8th overall I believe. I did win a spot prize of a can of Chaos Black primer that Paul went and fetched for me because I forgot all about it. He made a horrible game as pleasant as possible and for that I have to thank him, a 19-1 loss was probably unfair to Paul because if he hadn't let me move my Rune Priest in the shooting phase because I forgot to then it could have been 20-0

So there ends day 1, 1 win and 2 losses. Doesn't look too bad, believe me, it only gets worse from here.


  1. sounds fairly painful.  mean the losses, not eh bacon sandwiches, which i find are vastly improved by a bit of butter and ketchup, but then i am half northern and half southern so there is no hope for me. 

    it was an incredibly tough field at this event, with the vast majority of players having very competently played, naturally strong lists.  i also felt that sometimes the wins didn't reflect how close the game actually was, but then, sometimes they did.  for example, I lost game 5 by 315 vps (15 vps over the limit for a draw) so my opponent won 11-9... madness.  i was very pleased with my score, coming 12th overall, and only vps separating me from 9th place! far, far better than i could have hoped for.  should have a short rep up in a few days time. 

    anyway, i look forward to reading the rest of your report, even if it is all bad news!! chin up :)

  2. "You tried your best and failed miserably. The lesson is...

    Never try"

    - Homer Simpson


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