Sunday, 29 January 2012

Throne of Skulls - Games 4 & 5

Due to a technical problem my game 4 update didn't post so here's the last 2 games:

Game 4 saw me pitted against Blood Angels. I did my best to force a draw but despite myself I pulled out a win. 

Mick fought to a close loss against Daemons meaning we are both 3-1 going into the last game.

Game 5 saw Eldar across the table from me, the mission was capture and control / dawn of war. Definitely advantage eldar, particularly as they had turn 2. However the ork's trigger fingers turned up to this one and thanks to it going to turn 7 I got a win to finish the day 4-1.

Mick saw the day out on a high too with a solid win against a Grey Knights list, so he also finished 4-1.

All in all a very good weekend for the Claws and Fists lads.I


  1. Fantastic results for both of you, so well done! Where did that leave you in the final standings?

  2. It's not clear though neither of us won best in codex. I've got the scores and will calculate standings later tonight.


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