Monday, 30 January 2012

Other, Other Dave

In keeping with fine Claws and Fists Tradition when one Dave goes AWOL another Dave gets brought in for Darren to abuse.  I am that Dave or Smokey if you prefer.  This rather silly name is due to when a colleague at work put my surname into her predictive text it came out as Smokey.  Its stuck ever since and I really don’t mind it!
Anyway daft names aside (*cough* The Baron *cough*) I’ve been looking to join a blog for quite a while and I’ve known of the Claws and Fists boys for some time through the, now mostly defunct, 1st Company Veterans club at Warhammer World. 
I’m a longtime lurker on forums and blogs but I really like the hobby and fluffside of 40k and hopefully this will allow me to express my opinions and ideas (feel free to steal them!!).  The gaming side does come a close third so hopefully you’ll see a mixture of all 3 articles from me.
I will try to do some painting tutorials at some point because that’s for the most part why I’m here.  However the first article I will be posting is on a Horus Heresy novel I read over the weekend about 2 relatively minor legions The Ultramarines and The Word Bearers….
Know No Fear
Smokey D (Other, Other Dave)


  1. This feels like the end of Scott Pilgrim where "Young Neil" becomes "Neil" - You have done well Other, Other Dave from now on, you shall be known as Dave...

    In the meantime, I think we should start calling Darren, "Bandit"

    Anyway, welcome to the blog, it's good to have you aboard

  2. Best get your review up quick Dave because I have about 100 pages left of know no fear

  3. Cheers Guys the warm welcome is appreciated. Mick the review is written didn't actually do any work today. Mind if I post it up after I'm done at the cinema?


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