Friday, 20 January 2012

Things to remember for tomorrow #CaleUprising

Played my first game of 2012 last night and my only warm up game for Caledonian uprising and am I glad I did.

Other than me and Andy completely forgetting how Initiative tests work (no Andyits not like blood bowl, having a high number isn't a good thing in this case) it also confirmed to me that I need to remember about both the primary objective and the secondary.

I really love this tournament style, in case you don't know each mission has a primary objective and this can range from rule book missions to some other win scenarios such as table quarters and these are worth 8 points for the win 4 for the draw and 0 for the loss. Then the missions have secondary objectives which were worth 4 for the win and 2 for the draw and then a sliding scale for difference in VP's with 8 being the highest.

Unlike my last tournament Open War which had some problems (which have now been sorted and tickets are on sale on the first company vets website) this leads to far less draw, if its going to be a draw it has to an actual close fought game.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, I'm quite annoyed with myself that over the last 5 months I haven't played anywhere near enough 40K so back to the traditional vow from this week. A game a week for the rest of the year. Lets see how far we get.

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