Saturday, 28 January 2012

Throne of Skulls day 1

So as you can see from Andy's posts from today I ended throne of skulls on day one.

After last weekends dismal (and tiring) performance at Caledonian uprising I was really dreading this weekend but amazingly I have done really well.

First game saw me face off against Peter who unfortunately hadn't been back playing 40k long and it wasn't pretty, he had a couple of big squads of marines, a squad of terminators and a squad of scouts along with a vindicator and a terminator. I won first turn flamed his scouts, immobilised his vindicator and it went badly from there for him.

Second game again wasn't enjoyable, I played a young lad with Orks who made some key errors with general play including measuring that I had to pull him up on. In the end his worst mistake came from moving onto the shooting phase when he had only moved one unit, he asked if he could move it now and while it felt hash I had to say no because in the end it is a tournament. I however could have still drew the game but I ended up passing my leadership test.

Third game saw me face off against Dark Eldar, 3 venoms 3 raiders, 3 ravagers and plenty of wyches along with a flier. Luckily for the third running I won the roll off and went first. The weight of fire after the first turn was just too heavy for him, he believed that if he had reserved it all he may have done better but personally I think reserving what he did was the issue. Moment of the match, passing 17 3 up saves.

So all in all a great day, perfect in fact, 2 games away from a prize perhaps. Saying that however if I don't win at all tomorrow I will still finish with a 60% win percentage which will be my best tournament finish.


  1. Nice work, Claws and Fists!

    Enjoy Part Deux...

  2. Well done the pair of you! Hope your second day is as successful as day one!


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