Monday, 30 January 2012

Throne of skulls day 2 and musing

So with 3 wins under my belt I found myself on table 1. I will start this blog post to explain what my first days report was met with on the warhammer forums, as I said I felt bad about my opponent on game two because after shooting half his army at me he realised that he should have moved some other things but this being a tournament I explained that in a normal game I would probably accept the mistake in a tournament I couldn't let him seeing as he had shot so much. It was a close game although that probably wasn't the deciding factor, for this following of the rules my behaviour was described as both atrocious and everything that is wrong with 40k, but besides that I was looking forward to the second day.

So facing me first game of day 2 was Scott with Daemons, I think I am the last member of Claws and Fists (maybe not Darren) to play Scott at a tournament. His Daemons list consisted of Fateweaver, a greater daemon of Khorne 3 squads of fiends and 3 squads of plague bearers in a 5 objective spearhead game. It was a fun game but in the end Fateweaver won it for him, with re rolls on every save I could neither put him down of his objective holding plague bearers, a fun game none the less and with only 2 wolf players higher than me still hope of the best wolf player.

Game 5 and a 'interesting' grey knights list in front of me, A libby and terminators, Corteaz, 2 10 man henchman squads, 1 psyker squad in a rhino and a dreadknight.
Dawn of war deployment capture and control which never favours long fangs and I won roll off to set up first, my speeders went in reserve. My opponent (Dave) put his terminators with libby, his dreadknight and a 5 man crusader 5 man death cult squad in a chimera in reserve which I still think was strange.
Using Corteaz's re roll he stole the initiative which really made no difference, turn 1 nothing really happened, turn 2 saw his dread knight come in behind 2 squads of grey hunters and his terminators in front of 3 squads of long fangs, my reserves arrived with 1 speeder coming on. My grey hunters shot the dreadknight taking a wound off and then popped wolf standards and ran into combat losing three of them but finishing it off. The terminators dodged the melta and lascannon fire but 3 of them fell to some very accurate fragging which led them to fail a leadership test and run back 11 inches.
Had the game ended on turn 5 we would have seen a draw however turn six I had a speeder contesting the opposition objective and if it had gone to turn 7 we may well have seen a tabling.

Now according to Andy I finished sixth in the overall standings but it wasn't enough to win best space wolf player although I did get the most wins of any Space Wolf player (I think)

So conclusions for the tournament, well firstly I played well, I was far more aggressive than I normally am, I accepted casualties more easily which is sometimes my problem. Soundly, throne of skulls met my expectations, its not a competitive tournament, it was fun but I don't like the scoring system ( I knew about it in advance so I won't moan too much), Scott the Daemons player who I played fourth game won the tournament and yet there was one player with 5 wins and a Ork player with even more points because he had had 2 best game scores but because of the way the champion is decided a player with less points won it. Is this not GW just admitting that their game system isn't balanced? Maybe they should put more effort in writing balanced books and updating quicker.

I don't understand why GW are so scared of people actually wanting to win their tournaments but unfortunately they are. I see nothing wrong with wanting to do your best in anything you do, its so at odds with the main GW tournament in America Ard Boyz where you don't have any soft scores.

I did enjoy this weekend but I don't know if I would attend Throne of Skulls again.

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