Monday, 23 January 2012

Second Day at Caledonian uprising - the falling continues

So day one wasn't good but I learnt something

Firstly I made myself feel better by beating a young kid at pool twice to remind myself that there are a couple of things that I can do at a competent level in the world
Secondly Kidney beans just don't go with Sausage, chips and baked beans
and thirdly I need to ask for no butter on my bacon in the morning

So with that in mind I got my bacon sandwich minus the butter and hoped for a couple of wins to put me mid table at the end.

Game 4 saw me face Grey Knights.
I'd only come across them once and that was a pure Paladin list, this however was as mixed list, 1 rhino, a storm raven, a couple of dreadnoughts, a dread knight and a vindicaire (along with a few other things)
I won deployment but then had it seized however because it was Dawn of war he failed to see me, I managed to light up the storm raven with a search light and then shoot everything at it bringing it down and knocking off all its weapons RESULT.

However from there it went badly. It was a similar story all day, just not enough to stop a proper deathstar unit. The terminators rolled through everything I shot at them, I lost the primary objective although I could have drew it by destroying a rhino that I failed to do. There was just too much in that army and the terminators were nigh unstoppable for my army.

Game 5 same the arch enemy across from me. A chaos warband in all its glory and Khorne must have been gazing down with his champion Kharn leading 29 Beserkers and 5 plague marines in raiders. 3 Raiders? I haven't been able to deal with one bit of high armour all weekend. Well maybe my luck will change and turn 1 it seemed like it might, first lascannon shot, hit penetrated and immobilised and that was it, nothing else for the rest of the game. In this game you had to have the most number of troops within 12 inches of the centre of the board. The game turned when my opponent got the beserkers out and charged into all three of my rhinos and I feel I lost it because of my own stupidity, my rhino was too close to the board edge which meant when it was wrecked only 4 grey hunters could get out. I managed to kill the other 2 but couldn't do anything about a raider contesting my secondary objective.

The primary was a draw and we were fairly equal on KP's link he won by 317 grrr which gave him 1 extra point and me 1 less. Another game lost because of my stupidity, had it ended turn 5 I would have had a second win.

My final game was my only gripe for the weekend. My opponent had a Vanilla Marines army consisting of a raider and drop pods. The terrain certainly favoured 1 side so I was desperate to win the roll off however I didn't. My opponent to start with said he would take the side I favoured and then said actually you can have deployment, by the time I had laid dice to show the deployment zones he had again changed his mind and wanted that side of the board and first turn. Now maybe it wouldn't have made a difference but it did annoy me a bit, if it had been the first game or a game not being played at the lower end of the hall I would have probably argued but I didn't. In all honesty I deployed really poorly bunching up and allowing him to bog me down with Vulkan ripping through my army, I again failed to dent his landraider and I didn't do much to his Terminators.

The only saving point was he very strangely moved a scoring unit off one of the secondary missions objectives which would have meant a draw. He was looking for the win instead of consolidating what he had. I was able to kill the scout squad and he fluffed his move through cover and run to give me a win on the secondary while getting severely bummed on the primary.

Overall I finished 100th out of 110, my worst ever tournament finish. A couple of minor details might have seen me move a little further up but I know that I didn't play well. I killed well, only 1 person has a better VP score than me within 30 odd places but it isn't just about killing your opponent. Look out tomorrow for my thoughts on what direction I am going to take for the UK GT which is coming in March.


  1. Crumbs, that sounds rough mate. Pity the gods deserted you, eh?

    And bacon sarnies: crispy or moist?

  2. Mate I know the feeling; last year I finished 4th.... this year the dice decided to screw me on Sunday and ended up 54th.

    50 place slide FTW! ;-)


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