Tuesday, 27 April 2010

1750 Space Wolves

So, I've got a game against Andy tomorrow, which will be his last warm up game before the Warp Storm tournament at the weekend. Now, I'm slightly tempted to use my list from two weeks ago but I feel that it's just too much of a hammer army. Hence, I've put together a more balanced list, the kind that I'd probably take to a tournament myself. Also, I thought I'd actually post some of my thoughts that went into this selection rather than just posting a list in a vacuum. So, without further ado:

Rune Priest, Chooser of the Slain, Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane

Rune Priest, Chooser of the Slain, Living Lightning, Jaws of the World Wolf

The best psychic defence in the game (apart from the soon to be nerfed Inquisition) and D6 S7 infinite range shots per turn. Nice. The Choosers stop infiltrators and add 1 to the Rune Priests' BS. Murderous Hurricane is awesome if only for its Difficult/Dangerous Terrain effects. Jaws of the World Wolf can be a bit hit and miss, especially against armies with good Initiative values. However, when it's good, it's very very good.

5 Grey Hunters, Plasma Gun, Rhino

5 Grey Hunters, Plasma Gun, Rhino

The Rune Priests go here and Living Lightning out of the top hatch. First targets are AV10-12 or Heavy Weapons teams on the board edge (especially if they have poor armour and Leadership. LL can really do a number on Lootas and once they fail that first test, it's goodnight from them) The Plasma Gun offers even more S7 goodness.

5 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Razorback

5 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Razorback, Twin-Linked Assault Cannons

5 Grey Hunters, Razorback, Twin-Linked Lascannons

The meat of the army. While the two rhinos can quite happily sit on objectives all game, these are to force the enemy off their objectives and do some killing. If I had the models I'd probably go with Lascannon/Twin-Linked Plasma Gun turrets as they are so badly affected by a weapon destroyed result. The Lascannon Razorback gives some really good range letting me hit threats before they get too close.

6 Wolf Scouts, Meltagun

One of the best units in the Codex; these guys are just so versatile. If the enemy has something in their backfield that you need to take care of then you can operate Behind Enemy Lines. They can do the same if you think you might need some back-up near any of the board edges. Or if there aren't any good targets (ie against a horde list) they can Infiltrate and act as a speed bump.

Lone Wolf, Terminator Armour, Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer

This is one of my counter charge units. He runs up behind the wall of armour and then jumps out and either kills vehicles or Independent Characters or he tarpits squads. With Eternal Warrior, Feel No Pain and Saga of the Beastslayer, this guy is a bargain for 85 points. Plus if he is killed he doesn't give up a Kill Point.

Dreadnought, Assault Cannon

Another counter charge unit, primarily to deal with other dreadnoughts, especially ones who enter via Drop Pod.

6 Long Fangs, 4 Rocket Launchers, Lascannon

6 Long Fangs, 4 Rocket Launchers, Lascannon

Some more long range fire power. Krak Missiles will Instant Kill nearly all of the main infantry in the game (and more importantly, the Doom of Malantai!) plus these guys have awesome range to take out vehicles.

2 Land Speeders, Multimelta, Heavy Flamer

I'm still not sure whether to run these as a pair or separately but they stay as a pair for now. These guys are AV14 hunters or against certain armies they can use the Flamers to really ruin someone's day.

Vindicator, Siege Shield

Still not sold on this but I think that most people will see this and be worried enough to shoot at it leaving the rest of my vehicles alone for a turn. It's got short range and is vulnerable to a single weapon destroyed result taking it out of the game but it can work as pure area denial, especially for anyone Deep Striking. For 5 points less I could have a Predator with Lascannon Sponsons which feels like a more logical but less fun choice.

So, there it it. The plan is to pop transports at range and then shoot the enemy as they walk towards you. When enough are dead jump out of the transports, finish them off and hop onto an objective. Obviously no plan ever survives contact with the enemy but hopefully I've got just about enough firepower and assaulty capability to see it through.

One final word on this list; it's 18 Kill Points which does feel like quite a lot at this level. Mitigating that I do have 5 scoring units, all meched up and hopefully enough killing power to take out more than I lose. Hopefully...


  1. Eeek! This looks like a nightmare! I think I'm going to need a bigger boat!

  2. Nah, this is more of a Jaws 3D list - good in theory, not so good in reality


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