Saturday, 10 April 2010


This is inspired by a mission our friend Graham invented with a couple of minor changes.


You've made planetfall but you now need to establish a beachhead so that other troops can be brought to bear against the enemy.

Army Selection

One player is designated the attacker and one the defender. Both select an army of equal points value using the standard FOC.


Both players roll a D6 and whoever rolls higher selects either of the short board edges as theirs. The defending player deploys first and may place units anywhere within their half of the table. They may place units into reserve as normal.

The attacking player deploys their units within 12" of their board edge and may also place any units into reserve.


Any units placed in reserve are rolled for as per the rules on page 94 of the Warhammer 40,000 main rule book.

First Turn

The attacking player rolls a D6. On a roll of 2+ the attacking player goes first. On a roll of 1, the defending player has stolen the initiative.

Game Length

The game lasts five turns.

Victory Conditions

The attacking player gets 2 points for each infantry squad (including jump infantry) that ends the game in the defending player's half of the table and is above half strength. They get 1 point for any squad that is below half starting strength and in the defending player's half.

The defending player gets 1 point for each enemy infantry squad that finishes the game outside of their half of the table. They also get 1 point for each infantry squad reduced to less than half of its starting strength. (NB this means that the defending player gets 2 points is a squad is completely wiped out. Attacking units that fall back off the table are considered to be wiped out)

In addition both sides get 2 points for each enemy HQ they kill as they attempt to destabilise their enemy by killing their leader.

Special Rules

Atmospheric interference - Due to the overhead conditions, attacking units that wish to enter play by deep strike may only deep strike into their deployment zone. However it is fine if they scatter into no-mans land. Units that use tunnels to deep strike such as the Trygon are unaffected by this rule.

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