Friday, 23 April 2010

Help us Brother Cobulo, you're our only hope

So a few things changed and I managed to spend an hour or so at Warhammer World watching Andy's Blood Angels against Graham's Chaos Marines. Now, Andy's initial list had Corbulo in but last night he had swapped him out for two regular Sanguinary Priests. They were playing the Vanguard mission from the Battle Missions book and at the end of turn 6, it was 1 objective each. Andy had two Sternguard in cover on one objective and a large Assault Squad (with Librarian and Sanuinary Priest) about to attack some Havocs that were contesting another objective. Graham had 3 Plague Marines on the third objective out in the open but they were staring down the barrel of a Land Raider Redeemer. Graham picked up the D6 and rolled a 4 - game over. Of course this is where Corbulo's re-roll any one die in the game skill comes into play. Yes, he is expensive but the ability to go first or to extend the game as necessary could prove invaluable.

PS Actually after re-reading his rule I'm not sure whether he would have worked here as the way that it is worded, it sounds like you can only re-roll your own die, not force your opponent to re-roll his. If that is the case, you'd need to make sure that, if you had Corbulo in the army, you always take the end of game roll yourself.

PPS Andy and Graham did actually play a turn 7 just for fun. Andy couldn't kill the Plague Marines while Graham tank shocked the Assault Squad off the objective (this is what Andy should have done with the Plague Marines tbh plus he should have tried Death or Glory if only for a laugh) and Graham's Defiler killed the two Sternguard (although the Sergeant did kill the Defiler as well). So a draw became a loss for the Blood Angels. Maybe Corbulo isn't such a good idea after all...

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