Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Egg

Now, I got this when the 5th Edition Space Marine Codex came out but I've only just got round to putting it together:

The reason for this is that I think if you're going to run a drop pod army you have to go all or nothing, having just one or two just won't cut it. I've still only got this one but since I've got a four day weekend I thought I'd assemble it anyway. The front door has one of the Forge World Space Wolf icons on it and the other doors just have the regular Space Wolf icons from the drop pod kit:

Now I've loved the idea of a Space Wolf drop pod assault since reading Bill King's story about Ragnar podding into a Tyranid force that was printed in White Dwarf (and re-printed in the 2nd Edition Space Wolf Codex). One day I'll put together an army but it might have to wait until I've mastered my MSU list and put together a cavalry list.

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