Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Angels in progress

There's nothing like an up-comming tournament to stir the painting muse! This weekend I scoured my bits box and managed to scrape together 20 assault marines from combination of left-over plastic marines and butchered 2nd edition (I think) Space Wolf metal minis.

First I base the minis with some PVA and sand, then I spray them with GW Skull White primer.

The core colour of the army is yellow so I use Iyanden Darksun as a basecoat. In order to get good measures for mixing and thinning the paints I transfer paint from the GW pots to Vallejo dropper bottles. I also mix up a dropper bottle with 10 parts water to 1 part acrylic flow release, it's just a little better than plain water at getting a good consistent flow to your thinned paints. I usually mix it about 4 paint to 3 water.

Stage 1 complete, I put the first coat on quickly and not too neatly but making sure to only apply the paint thinly, not too tricky if you thin the paint properly.

Next stage is to apply Scab Red to the shoulder pads. Properly thinned the red does not go on smoothly over the yellow so you will need a couple of coats to ensure a smooth finish.

I spent about 4 hours on Monday night and managed to get the first yellow and red stages done. I also got the first coat of yellow down over my Baal Predator turret. It's a little different in this case as the turret is primered in black so as I thin the yellow down it will take a number of coats to get a decent coverage.

To be continued...

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