Friday, 23 April 2010

To Do Lists

Inspired by this post by Rusty Dice (which I think was actually inspired by this post by Lamenter), I thought I'd talk about what armies I'd like to do in the future. So, I'm happy with my Razorback heavy MSU force at 1500 points (still not sure whether to upgrade with Dreadnoughts or more Razorbacks for 1750) although I do occasionally think about replacing the Predators with Long Fangs. Actually I'll stop there before it becomes a 'What have the Romans ever done for us' scenario. Anyway, in short I'm happy with that army, so next up:

1) Space Wolf Cavalry list

Canis, Wolf Guard Battle Leader on Thunderwolf, lots of Fenrisian Wolves, 3 units of Thunderwolves. Very fast, very nasty. I think we might see a few of these lists once GW releases the models.

2) Dual Raider Space Wolf List

Not sure if it will be yesterday's list but I definitely want to put together a Dual Raider force. When the Space Wolf Codex came out I remember putting together an army that was Logan, Arjac, Njal, 2 Land Raiders and about 10 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour. Not very competitive but it would be a fun list.

3) Space Wolf Drop Pod list

Something nice and fluffy, along these lines

4) Grey Knights

These guys just look awesome. If rumours are true we'll have plastic miniatures before long as well. From the 1st war for Armageddon fluff, they're pretty friendly with the Wolves so I'd love to add a couple of units to my current army. I'm not sure I'll do a full GK army, maybe a small Inquistion force when the Codex comes out. Oh, and definitely a Power Armour Grey Knight squad for Kill Team.

5) Sisters of Battle

Again, I don't think I'd do a full army, just a couple of squads to represent Sisters of Silence to go with my Wolves. It would also give me a break from painting grey.

6) Tyranid Horde

I quite like a couple of the xeno races but for me Tyranids are the coolest. I remember how hard Genestealers were from the first time I played Space Crusade and that has always stuck with me. I'd like to put together a real mass of bodies - lots of 'gants and 'gaunts, some Gargoyles and of course a good number of Genestealers. It would get wiped out pretty quickly by a good mech army but it would be fun just covering the board with troops and it's always good to roll a lot of dice.

It will be interesting to see what Andy makes of this as in the 6 months that I've know him, he has talked about starting Space Wolves, Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons, Eldar, Orks and Blood Angels...

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