Friday, 30 April 2010

Taking a knife to a tank fight

Okay, I'm stealing Andy's idea here to talk a bit about rules; specifically assaulting a vehicle. On Wednesday I assaulted one of Andy's Razorbacks with my Lone Wolf. Now, the vehicle was immobilised so I hit it 3 times and then, because I wasn't locked in combat, walked away and re-assaulted it in my next turn, hitting it 3 more times. We forgot two key things. Firstly my Lone Wolf forgot how to use his Thunder Hammer and failed to destroy the Razorback. Secondly, and more importantly for this article, I forgot the rule about vehicles that don't move. It's there on page 63 of the Big Rule Book - if a vehicle doesn't move (or just pivots) you get to attack it in the vehicle's assault phase. Okay, I might have done nothing with the additional 2 attacks but I could theoretically have destroyed the Razorback, letting me charge the squad inside in my next turn. It would have made no difference to the overall result of the game but this sort of oft forgotten rule could make the difference in a close run game.

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