Sunday, 4 April 2010

Too much of a good thing

3 Predators don't half give you a lot of firepower. Thing is, with 3 Razorbacks and two Rhinos in my army as well, I find that I'm getting in my own way too much and cutting down firing lanes. So, let's lose a Pred. Now what can we get for 85 points?

Option 1 - Whirlwind (85 points)

I've never used on before but I've seen Andy killing quite a lot of things with those big templates. It keeps the army fully mech and can fire without line of sight. However, to fire indirectly it has to remain stationary which leaves it a sitting duck in combat. It's also a bit fragile only having the same AV as a Rhino - 11. I worry that it would suffer the same problems as a Vindicator in that a single weapon destroyed result leaves it almost useless.

Option 2 - Lone Wolf, Teminator Armour, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield (85 points)

I love this guy - great model, fluffy, eternal warrior, feel no pain. If I could make any of his 2+ normal saves he'd be in every list. I have used him before and in some games he has been awesome and in others he's struggled to get into combat. Plus with only two attacks he's very easily tarpitted.

Option 3 - 5 Wolf Scouts, Meltagun (85 points)

I have used a unit a six Wolf Scouts quite a bit in the past and they are without a doubt Andy's favourite unit lol. They were given last week off after they attacked a land speeder the week before and ran off when it exploded and killed two of them. Five guys with only 4+ saves sounds like quite a fragile unit. However, as a suicide disruption squad operating Behind Enemy Lines they work really well. If they can detroy a tank or hold up a unit for a couple of turns then they have done their job. Plus against armies that don't really have a backfield such as tyranids or horde Orks you can always just infiltrate them as a spped bump. Or you can bring them onto your own edge if your need anywhere reinforcing.

So, it feels like a choice between the Scouts and the Lone Wolf. I think I might go with the Scouts for the next couple of games and see how they go. Although I'm still tempted by the Blood Angel 6 Pred army...

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