Sunday, 18 April 2010

That Was Then, This Is Now

My dad is in the process of sorting his house out with the intention of selling it. So, he's given me some boxes of my stuff that I probably should have taken with me when I actually moved out (some 6 years ago!) One of these boxes contained some of my really old 40K stuff including a 1st Edition/Rogue Trader army list for the Space Wolves. Just for fun, I thought I'd post that army list and then have a look and see how many points it would be worth in 5th Edition.

So, here it is a 2000 point (well, 1999) Ragnar Blackmane list:

Ragnar Blackmane 175

Ulrik the Slayer 150

Njal Stormcaller 225

Wolf Guard Sergeant, 4 Wolf Guard, Terminator Armour, 2 Chain Fists, Power Sword, Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer 450

Grey Hunter Pack, 4 Chainswords 303

Blood Claw Pack, 4 Power Fists, 3 Power Swords, Power Axe, Plasma Pistol 345

Long Fang Pack, Power Axe, Upgrade Heavy Bolter to Lascannon 351

A lot of the choices were based around what came with the models rather than actual effectiveness in the game. The game also wasn't so mech heavy as is it now even though Rhinos were only 25 points!

I've put in the points value for each squad, hopefully GW won't unleash their lawyers over 18 year old points values but I will happily remove if asked.

So, in 2010 we'd have:

Ragnar Blackmane

Ulrik the Slayer

Njal Stormcaller

5 Wolf Guard, Terminator Armour, 2 Chain Fists, 2 Power Fists, Assault Cannon

10 Grey Hunters, Power Sword

10 Blood Claws, Power Fist

5 Long Fangs, 2 Missile Launchers, Lascannon, Heavy Bolter, Power Weapon

Total 1315

The characters have all gone up in points but the squads have nearly halved plus they can get some free special weapons now. However, the Wolf Guard have lost their Heavy Flamer and the Blood Claws have lost a lot of close combat weapons. Plus, these days a Power Sword and a Power Axe are the same thing in the game.

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