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Know your rules

It may seem an obvios statement but if you want to enjoy the game then you need to know the rules! Now the BRB is, by definition, BIG so it's not really practical to try and memorise the whole book in one go. What you need to do is to ensure you know the basics of movement, shooting and assault and then tackle the more obscure rules as the situations occur. The imortant caveat to this is that you must take the time to ensure you interpret the rule correctly.

This week I was asked about tank shocks by my opponent and I explained how I thought it worked, he was happy about the explaination and we played it as I described. However when I got home and re-read the rule I realised i'd got a key part of it wrong. So as a result I feel inspired to do an occasional post on uncommon rules and/or interpretations of unclear rules. I think we'll start with Tank Shocks!

The idea of a tank shock is to force a morale check on an opponent's unit or units in an effort to move them. It is declared in the movement phase and may be performed by any vehicle described as a tank by its stat line. In order to perform a tank shock you must declare how many inches you intend to move (at least the vehicle's cruising speed) and move the vehicle in a straight line.

Any enemy units that the tank passes through must take a morale test. If the test is passed then the tank passes through the unit with no effect, if the test is failed then the unit falls back towards their table edge. If the unit passes the morale test then one member of the unit may elect to make a "death or glory" attack against the vehicle's front armour, however if the attack is failed the model is removed.

Those are the basics of the tank shock rule, as always though read the section in your main rule book again to ensure you have fully understood it. It never hurts to read the main rule book again!

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  1. Actually Andy, two very quick points - it's a minimum of Combat Speed that the Tank has to move and if there is a unit at the end of the Tank Shock and they successfully pass their morale check then they have to move at least 1" away from the Tank.


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