Saturday, 24 April 2010


Well the deadline for submission of lists for the tournament next weekend was Friday and I duly sent in mine. It's always difficult for me to commit to a list as I think there's so many options with the Codices that it's hard to know whats going to work best. In the end it's all about synergies and playing the game the way that best suits you so I've tried to put together a balanced list with uints that I enjoy playing:

Sons of Terra (Codex: Blood Angels)

Epistolary, The Sanguine Sword, Unleash Rage

Furioso Dreadnought
Blood Talons, Melta Gun, Storm Bolter; Drop Pod
(7) 4x Combi Melta. Power Fist, Rhino
Sanguinary Priests

Assault Squad A
(8) 1x Meltagun, Power Weapon; Land Raider w. Extra Armour, Searchlight & Multi Melta
Assault Squad B
(5) Flamer; Power Fist; Razorback w. TL Assault Cannon
Assault Squad C
(5) Meltagun; Razorback w. TL Lascannon

Baal Predator
TL Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolters

2x TL Autocannon, Drop Pod

The basic idea here is to balance anti-mech with anti horde but with a bias towards anti-mech as that seems to be the run of play in 5th ed at the moment (Tyranids excepted). So in that vein I have 3 TL Lascannons, 2 TL Assault Cannons, 2 TL Autocannons and a fair amount of Melta. The anti-horde gear is a little more tenuous due to the lack of templates but I am confident that the Blood Talons on the Furioso will make an impression which should support the remaining Heavy Bolter firepower. I'm sure the Assault Cannons and Autocannons will chip in with a good contribution vs Horde armys as well.

I've elected to put the Sternguard in a Rhino this time as I feel they are a bit too hit and miss in a Drop Pod, and with the BA Rhinos being fast they should be able to get to where they are needed with the minimum of fuss. The Last major change to the list was to upgrade the Librarian to an Epistolary, this was a tough decision but I just feel that the combination of Unleash Rage and the Sanguine Sword in the same assault phase is going to be worth the investment.

Anyway, I'm cracking on well with the painting in fact I have all the Assault Squads finished appart form their bases. All I have left to do are 2 Sanguinary Priests (1 day), Conversion for the Blood Talons (1 Day), Land Raider Multi Melta (1/2 Day) and a Twin Linked Lascannon Turret for the Razorback (1 hour). Should be do-able ... if I can just settle on a scheme for the priests!

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