Wednesday, 1 June 2011

There's only one way to decide - Fight!

A long time ago, Mick asked what was better - Scouts or Speeders. At the time I said that Speeders were the better choice as they are less random but that Scouts would always give you better stories to tell. About two weeks later, I was given the perfect example of this in a game against Graham...

The Scouts have gone Behind Enemy Lines and have come on at the start of turn 2. In the far right hand corner, Graham has a squad of Plague Marines sat in cover on his Objective. Now, I don't think I can beat them but with a couple of Meltaguns and a Power Fist, I think I could possibly hold my own for a couple of turns until the cavalry arrive. The cover is pretty much equidistant from the right hand board edge and the rear board edge so I only need to roll 2+ to get there. I roll a '1'. All is not lost though as there are three Obliterators on that side of the board. Two Meltaguns hit and both wound. Cue much rubbing of hands and twirling of moustache. Graham passes both invulnerable saves. Drat! A resigned shrug of the shoulders precedes a declaration of assault.

5 Wolf Scouts and their attached Wolf Guard against three Power Fist wielding Obliterators with 2 wounds each and 2+ saves. There's only ever going to be one winner really. Only the Wolf Guard survived but it's fair to say that this feat will be sung about in his saga. Plus he's earned himelf a new nicknae - The Ogre Killer, since Graham's Oblits are converted from Ogres...


  1. So the scouts sucked cos of your opponents good luck?

    But there again when ever I face Obliterators they always pass the invuns :/

    But I stand by what I have always said - Why not have both!?

  2. No, they sucked because they turned up on the wrong flank but they rocked because they managed to kill 3 Oblits in hand to hand combat.


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