Friday, 12 November 2010

2 draws keep me third

So after last weeks wins against my co-contributors last night I I drop podded into a war between a newly risen Necron tomb and a Guard army that had turned from the Emperor's light in order to save them selves from the metal devils. The ire of The Son's of Russ was raised but unfortunately it was not delivered.

So first turn I met Steve with his Necrons and with the greatest respect to Steve who is a damn good player it was not a list that could go out for an out an out win. 30 scarabs on the board 3 squads of 10 each with 30 wounds. I just couldn't deal with it. There was no way I could get through them quick enough to dispatch the warriors or the lord. In the end if finished 11 -13 in favour of the necrons and I have to say I wasn't too disapointed. I couldn't really have played the game any different. I knew that I would have trouble dealing with the scarabs and their 2+ cover save after turbo boosting. In a knock out game I wouldn't like to face that army however at a bigger point game my thunderwolves especially my lord would eat them (hopefully).

And so we come to the Guard. A heavy mech list featuring a Valkyrie, a Leman Russ and a couple of Chimeras. THe game finished 14-14 thans to some heroic Grey hunters eating squad after squad and some poor armour saves from me. The big plus on this game was my lone wolf with in Terminator Armour with a chain fist. He shrugged off shot after shot to eventually stick it to a Leman Russ which exploded to finish off a squad of Guardsmen.

All in all I was disapointed with the results but I was happy with my decision making. I came up against two good players and two good lists.

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  1. I'm catching you up (on a prorata basis!)


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