Friday, 19 November 2010

Isn't it about time that you started a new army?

On Thursday I entered the shop at Warhammer world to see a mate working on yet ANOTHER new army. I should start by giving you a little background on him, I have known him for probably 7-8 months and when I first me him he had a Dark Angels successor chapter and an Eldar Army both were well painted although not completed. The first chat I had with him was about him starting a Raven Guard army which he did for a few weeks and then it was vampire counts which have now been replaced with a Lizrdmen army and then he sold his Eldar army to fund a Red Scorpions army which is only going to go forward I am sure until the rumours of the new Grey Knight come to fruition and then the Red Scorpions will be yet another Army on the scrap heap.
He is very surprised that in a year I have had one army in 40k and I have just attempted to start a square based High Elf army which hasn't progressed far really (although I have promised our fearless leader that there will be some pics of them up soon) . So what's my point?

I guess its about people who jump from one army to another without ever completing one or really getting to grips with it. There is certainly a sense of some some players looking down at Codex jumpers especially those who go for what's shiny and new and sometimes considered uber (pesky lack of umlauts). The way people talk about these sort of gamers reminds me of the kids that in 1999 were Man Utd fans, in 2004 were Arsenal fans, after Istanbul they had Gerrard on their backs and after that it was a strong love for The Special One. Is it really like that though?

When people switch between football teams as the term Glory supporters suggests, they are doing it for the glory, however I know from personal experience and I am sure you do too that it has taken at least 8 months to get a competitive grasp of the army. Yeah back in my early 40k experiences I could fluke a decent result especially against one of the older Codecies but against a decent player I was still getting destroyed. You also never get that complete army. I don't care what anyone says I know that it is more enjoyable playing a fully painted army than something haphazard, its even worse playing a player that 2 months after taking up the army is still using random miniatures as proxies, the worst example of this was the only time I attempted to play in the derby store and a bloke put 3 500ml bottles of coke down to represent drop pods.

So I've waffled for a bit I should probably come to a point and its going to be a bit of a Chirs Crocker moment,

I think we should all leave Codex Jumpers alone. I have been accused of going for the new shiny codex as a Wolf player even 8 months later and its frankly ridiculous, those people that do jump codecies regularly never really make great players so in my opinion embrace these opponents and learn about their new codex as the same time they do so your mistakes are balanced out by theirs.

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  1. I have no problem with codex jumpers. The thing is it does take at least a year to really learn the ins and outs of an army. I've only ever played the Wolves but I'm looking forward to getting to grips with the Dark Eldar...


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