Monday, 1 November 2010

The State of the System

It was last November that I played my first game of Warhammer 40,000 wince I first got back into the game and so now seems like a good a time as any to have a look back at what's happened in the past year and set some aims for the next one. First off, I've had a brilliant year, I've played nearly a game a week and I've made some great new friends. I've painted my first ever miniatures (as a kid I never did any painting as I realised that paint money would be better spent on more models) and I've entered my first ever tournament.

Over the next 12 months I'd like to do more painting in an attempt to get better at it. I'd also like to spread it out a bit more rather than the mad three week rush before Open War! I'm definitely going to enter a few more tournies and I'll try to keep playing a game a week. On that front, I'd like to try a few more systems - Necromunda, Blood Bowl, maybe even Fantasy (although Andy will probably continue to try and talk me into Warmachine as well) I'd also like to start a new army. Don;t get me wrong, the Space Wolves will always be my first love and they'll be the army I take to tournaments. However, I'd definitely like to try something a bit different as well. I really like the look of the new Dark Eldar; sleek, fast and deadly and I'm very tempted to give them a spin.

This also seems to be a good time to talk a bit about the blog. It was supposed to be my private repository but now we've got three regular authors and we're getting a few followers. From my point of view I'm happy with the volume of posts I've managed but I still think I'm posting far too many army lists. It's better now than it was and I'm better at talking through why everything is in the army rather than just listing it but they're never going to be thrilling reads. I'm also pretty poor at getting battle reports posted on time. They take a while to write and it's a problem if I'm not in the mood. I've got 3 or 4 still in Draft and hundreds of pictures still on my camera. I also intended to write more fluff pieces about my army but I've been too busy writing army lists lol.

So, moving forward, more battle reports, more after battle analysis and more fluff pieces (because t'internet loves fan fiction)


  1. Raar! Here's to the next 12 months!

  2. I've been back into 40k for just over a year now too. Can't believe I ever stopped playing!! I've just sent my money off for the Freebootaz doubles so might see you there!

    PS. You should really give Necromunda a go. It's also something I used to play back in the day and I've recently (last month) started playing again and I'm already hooked!

  3. Awesome. Make sure you come and say hello (we'll be wearing our snazzy Claws & Fists t-shirts)


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