Friday, 19 November 2010

86- points, not a bad haul really.

So last night I played Dave's vanilla marines in a game that would be described as fairly one sided. Yet again I failed to think about the mission which cost me a point but all in all I was pleased with my gaming but not so much with my conduct.

I owe Dave an apology in so much as I was a bit of a prat (or a stronger word really) I argued over a silly line of sight issue (which made me think about investing in a laser pen, anyone use them?) when there was no need really.

Other than that as said my main errors lay in not concentrating on the mission enough although the difference in kill points made up for it.

Something I have been concentrating on in recent weeks is targeting the things that can do the most damage. Its something Dave did not do yesterday and something I didn't do until I started to play much better players than myself in preparation for Open War. As was explained to me by one member of our club, '40K is a game of attrition, you look for the deadliest thing that you are in range of and you go for it until its gone and move on from there'. Its one of those things that comes with practice and experience but certainly makes the difference. In the past like Dave I was guilty of using a more scatter gun apprach going for a couple of marines here or there and I think its identifying things like this that really makes the difference in your gaming.

Hopefully Dave will share a proper battle report (which I am useless at, they are just a few of my pondering's on last night.

It looks like a top 5 finish is on the cards (maybe) I currently lie in second although a lot of people still have at least 1 game to finish.


  1. I think the most important thing you have pointed out here is that playing those who are better than you is advantageous for your game.

    Of course, it's not so useful for them. So you have to be extra nice.

  2. Going for the deadliest thing isn't always the best approach. Kirby on 3++ had a good article about how he goes about target priority, be damned if I can find it though. In short it's a matter of dealing with immediate threats first, potential threats next and lastly opportunistic attacks. If someone has a Landraider with Assault Termies in it then it's a huge threat and deadly but if that Landraider is 36" from you and you have other units closer presenting an immediate threat then those are your targets, not the Landraider even though it may be a larger threat, it's not an immediate threat.


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