Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Whats on my painting table

The first company vets 40k painting competition is on a single Dark Eldar Kabalite warrior. The club has given out one each but I wanted to try out a few different styles so I invested in a box of them.
Here's my first go and I'm not really that happy with it, I think the black and then the red/ orange look too separate and it doesn't really provide a good flow for the model.
I think my next attempt is going to be an all red affair and then maybe a yellow one. I think my early forays as a Black Templar painter has put me off black armour full stop. I do however think I've done a decent job on this black armour though. I took an idea I saw on from the warp and used as dark a grey I could get in this case Vallejo Black Grey (Model Colour) and then liberal amounts of Badab Black wash. It does show a little bit of variation between shadows.

Here's the other project on my table my High elves.
I've got to say I am very happy with them. Of course it isn't Eavy Metal standard or even close but I think its the best painting I have done and its certainly the most succesful white I have painted. How I've done it is just GW paints I have made and incredibly pale grey mix around 1:100 Black:White. I've sprayed them white and then coated them in this and then finally I have dry brushed the area with Vallejo White (which actually paints white). On taking this picture I wasn't happy with the wood on the bows having had a go with white and then a yellow wash so instead I went for a dark wood using repeated washes of Devlan Mud as you can see in this particularly blurry pic here.

Fantasy models really do seem to take a life time to paint and I have no idea when I will finally be ready to attempt a game. I think I will have to break from habit get them built and have a few goes before worrying about playing.

Next big project is the first company vets Diorama competition which is hopefully going to feature a true scale Adeptus Custodes.

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