Sunday, 14 November 2010

Stomp da oomies!

"After four days of shadowing the Ork force, we are now preparing our attack. Despite the huge amount of smoke being belched into the atmosphere by their vehicles, it seems like quite a small vanguard. We launch our strike in the name of the Emperor and pray that he watches over us this day" - Pre-battle transmission from Captain Wood.

This is a 1000 point battle report between Andy's Orks, commanded by me, and Steve's Space Marines. We were playing Mission 2 from Open War XIV which is 4 Objectives and L-shaped deployment in opposite table quarters. Steve won the roll-off and passed first turn to me.

Deployment (after Scout moves)

Turn 1:

The deep rumble of the Battlewagon was joined by the higher pitched revs of the Bikes behind it as the Orks moved forward. Ahead of them, the Deffkoptas drew first blood. The first one blew up an Attack Bike with a Rokkit before charging in and destroying the second with its Buzzsaw. The second 'kopta missed the Combat Squad on the hill with its Rokkit shot but it cut down two Marines which was enough for the remainder of the squad to turn tail and flee the battle.

The Marine response was quick and bloody. They managed to shoot down both Deffkoptas but couldn't do any damage to the Battlewagon.

End of Turn 1:

Turn 2:

The Battlewagon continued to rumble forward as the Warboss and his squad Turbo-Boosted towards the distant Rhino. The Marines, recognising the danger that the Bikers posed, fired every weapon they had at them. However, due to Ork's sheer speed, the Marines only managed to cause one wound.

End of Turn 2:

Turn 3:
The second mob of Shoota Boyz made their way onto the battlefield just in time to see the Warboss lead the charge against the Space Marine Rhino. He ripped it to pieces with his Power Klaw, the explosion pinning the squad inside. The Shoota Boyz in the Battlewagon stayed where they were and opened fire at the Combat Squad in the ruins. Despite pouring 40 shots into the Marines they caused no casualties.
The Dreadnought levelled its weapons at the Battlewagon and managed to wreck it with a lucky Krak Missile. The Combat Squad let rip with their Bolters at the Shoota Boyz but the Orks used the burnt-out remains of their vehicle as cover and only one of them died.
End of Turn 3:

(NB Picture here shows Battlewagon as Immobilised. We realised before we started Turn 4 that it should have been Wrecked as it's Open Topped)
Turn 4:
The Nob Bikers charged into the previously Pinned Tactical Marines and made short work of them. The Space Marine Captain led his men out of their Razorback and they Rapid Fired their Bolters into the Shoota Boyz, thinning out their ranks. Further ahead of them the Assault Squad fired and then charged into the other Shoota Boyz. Despite killing Ork after Ork, the Boyz were still Fearless due to the size of the squad and so stayed in combat.
End of Turn 4:

Turn 5:
With the battle drawing to a close, the Nobz headed off to secure one of the Objectives. The Warboss left them and headed off towards the Combat Squad in the distant ruins. The Shoota Boyz in the centre opened fire and then charged into the Captain and his squad. The Space Marines struck first and hacked down a couple of Orks. In reply the Nob cut the Captain in half with his Power Klaw and the Orks stayed in the combat, inspired by his example.

Despite his Toughness and the cover provided by the black smoke produced by his Bike, the Warboss was torrented down by the Dreadnought and Tactical Marines. The other Tactical Squad won their combat and ran down the Orks as they tried to run away. In the other combat it all came down to the Sergeant with his Power Fist and the Nob with his Power Klaw. The Marine killed two Orks while the Nob killed another Assault Marine. The Orks refused to break though.
End of Turn 5:

Turn 6:
The Nob Bikers drove to the top of the hill and fired their Dakka Gunz at the Tactical Marines out in the open but their Power Armour was more than a match for the Ork weapons. Again, the Assault Sergeant killed two Orks while the Nob killed yet another Assault Marine. Both sides were now fighting over mounds of their dead.
As the three survivors from the Captain's squad made their way to the central Obective, all of the long ranged weaponry fired at the Nob Bikers to try and blast them off the Objective that they held. The Bikers managed to hold firm. In the remaining combat the Orks finally finished off the last member of the Assault Squad but there was now just the Nob and two Boyz left standing on the Objective from a mob of 20.

End of Turn 6:

Final Scores - Generalship: 11-9, Battle Bonus: 5-3
"The Orks are getting closer. I have ordered my men out of the Razorback. Our only hope is that we can cause enough casualties with our Bolters to take the sting out of their charge." - Last transmission from Captain Wood.

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  1. Nice Bat rep.

    The only thing I would say you did wrong, as you mention in your next post, was to not use the Wagon fully. I would have seriously considered Ramming, then dropping the shootas out and hitting something with them.


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