Saturday, 6 November 2010

Jes Goodwin Fanboy Post


Deep breath.

I went down to Warhammer World this afternoon to pick up the new Dark Eldar Codex and get it signed by Jes Goodwin. We talked about his inspiration for the new book and how he'd used classic fairy stories as the basis for a lot of the fluff (such as Lady Malys' crystal heart) This lead to a chat about how dark the original Brother Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen tales are compared to the more well know Disney imaginings. We went on to talk about how the Dark Eldar are like Bond villains, evil because they can be. Bond villains? Poisoned attacks? Clearly the DE are based on Rosa Klebb. Jes also revealed a couple of things that didn't make it into the book including the change of description for one unit from drinking children's tears to just drinking tears at the behest of GW since it was a bit "close to the bone" He also mentioned a short fluff piece that Phil had written but was left out featuring an encounter between an Archon and a Chaos Space Marine. The Archon with his foot on the Marine's throat mockingly asks, "What's the matter? Didn't Daddy love you enough?" before shooting him.

Before bidding him farewell I told him in rather gushing terms how much I love his original Space Wolf models. He said that he was disappointed in Ragnar now due to his lack of dynamism but that all of the models had to be one piece at the time. I told him that I still loved the Blood Claw Pack Leader and Jes admitted that it was still one of his favourite models 18(!) years after it was first released.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Jes, he's so enthusiastic about the hobby. It was amazing to look through his sketchbook even though he admitted that he'd had to take out the sketches he's working on for the next Dark Eldar wave.

(When I first read the header, I thought that it said, "A Book of Immortal Elvis")


  1. Arghhh, rub it in you lucky english person :P I wish warhammer world was down the road from my house too instead of some ancient momuments and stuff :P
    But yeah, nice one, you met the man. He is also one of my fav GW scultors too. The place seems kinda quite, wasn't there more people waiting for autographs?

  2. There were surprisingly few people queuing to meet him actually. I don't know how much they publicised it to be honest. It did mean I got to talk to him for 20 minutes though which was awesome.


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