Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Arena of Death - Logan Grimnar vs Marneus Calgar

This is a new feature on C&F where we pit two similarly priced characters against each other in the

Arena of Death

(to be read in booming voice)

Now, rather than using boring Mathammer to decide who should win, we're going to roll some dice. Obviously this means that a few lucky dice rolls could easily tip it in favour of one of the combatants. Also, it's a bit unrealistic since the characters will be alone and have all of their Wounds as they enter combat. Anyway, with that out of the way, our first fight is between 275 point Logan Grimnar and 265 point Marneus Calgar - the clash of the Chaptar Masters. These guys look pretty evenly matched, WS6, A5 (MC for having two Power Fists) S4 T4, 2+ 4++ save, although Calgar has an extra wound. So, without further ado...

Round 1 - Logan on the charge

With the scent of blood in his nostrils, The High King declared Calgar his Preffered Enemy. He fired off two shots from his Storm Bolter, hitting twice. One shot failed to wound while the one that did deflected off the Armour of Antilochus. Logan gripped the Axe Morkai in both hands meaning that e struck at Initiative 1. Seeing this, Marneus drew his Power Sword. However, he only struck once and, despite his Titanic Might, he failed to wound. Logan stuck six times and caused six wounds. However, 3 were stopped by Calgar's Iron Halo. As the battle continued, Calgar switched to his Power Fists and managed to cause a wound on Grimnar. In return, he hit three times and then a fourth due to Preferred Enemy. He cause two wounds but both were saved. Then came the crucial stage of the fight. Calgar missed with all five attacks while Logan hit with three. e only caused one wound but it was enough to end the combat.

Round 2 - Marneus on the charge

Again, Logan claimed Preferred Enemy as Calgar fired the Gauntlets of Ultramar. He hit once but even with his Titanic Might causing a wound, Grimnar's Wolf Belt repelled the shot. With his Counter Attack proving successful, Logan decided to use his weapon single handedly so that he would strike before Marneus. He managed three hits and then another due his Preferred Enemy. However, he only managed 2 wounds despite striking at Strength 5. Both of them were saved by Calgar's Iron Halo. He struck back with his Power Fists and hit 5 times. At first glance it seemed he only caused 4 wounds but with his re-roll he cause a fifth. Logan failed 3 saves and so that was the end of the fight.

So, it finished 1-1. However, clearly both of these characters are taken for more than their combat prowess. Logan lets you take Wolf Guard as Troops and Calgar lets your entire army decide whether they want to pass or fail any Morale checks. Against more regular opponents these guys are going to be golden and don't forget that they'd both probably have squads to support them. Maybe we should have had Logan + Wolf Guard vs Calgar + Honor Guard in the Arena of Death. Plus, realistically, no-one is going to let either of these guys hit their lines with all of their wounds intact - they're combat monsters so shoot them first! However, in a vacuum, they're pretty even although I would say that Calgar's extra Wound would probably be the deciding factor since they're both Eternal Warrior.


  1. This is a good series. Pleased that old Logan held his own. He has less wounds, but his powers for buffing his army are better than Calgar's

  2. No No No. Marneus Calgar isn't from the most recent batch of codices so he must be over-costed and underpowered, not to mention un-competitive. Oh wait.

    That's utter nonsense.

    Nice to see the heavy-weights slugging it out in the AoD though. Good job!

  3. Hey, cool segment! To be honest even they are both very heroic individuals, they both present a huge point sink for an army (costing as much as a Land Raider) and not sure how successfull they would be. Maybe Logan for a Loganwing type army, but how many guys play this list with good result?


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