Saturday, 13 November 2010

Know Your Rules - Pointless Storm Bolters

A Vindicator comes with a Demolisher Cannon - S10 AP2 Large Blast, Ordnance and a Storm Bolter - S4 AP5 Assault 2. I had always assumed that you could fire your big juicy blast and your Storm Bolter in the same turn. However, in the first round of Open War, Chris pointed out that I couldn't shoot my Storm Bolter if I'd fired my Demolisher Cannon. Of course he was right and I'd been using my Vindicator incorrectly for the last 6 months. From page 58 of the Big Rule Book - "Firing a massive ordnance weapon requires the attention of all of the gunners of the vehicle, so no other weapons may be fired that turn (not even defensive weapons!)"

So, there we go. I guess it just leave the question, why do you get a Storm Bolter on the Vindicator?


  1. So it won't get immobilised after a second "Weapon Destroyed" result? :P

  2. And if you lose the demolisher cannon you have an amazing weapon to still shoot! *sarcasm*

  3. I've never seen the point. Mind you, nor do I see any reason to give it a siege shield. I've never really had much luck with vindicators anyway. Marine players are aware of what they can do so either they steer clear of them or blow them up nice and early.

    The BA vindi is a little more worthwhile since it can move and still shoot so it's got a better chance of being in range.

  4. I find them a bit hit or miss too. At least the Siege Shield is an option so you don't have to take it. For some reason GW give you the first Storm Bolter for free. Why give you two weapons when there is absolutely no way you can fire both? The only thing I can think of is if you have a lot of your own guys around so you don't want to risk the scatter on the big gun.

    Speaking of hitting your own guys, I don't like the Vindicator for the BA. They're a really in your face army and as such you're increasing the chance of killing your own men. I think that the only way to run them in BA would be as mobile cover for your Jump Pack Marines.

  5. I've always assumed it was to stop second weapon destroyed results from losing you a vehicle...

    Also, sometimes you want to drive upfield quickly and being able to fire off a couple of shots isn't something you should sniff at. Even terminators fail their saves 16% of the time...

  6. I think the best use for the Vindicator if it loses its big gun is Ramming and Tank Shocking...


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