Saturday, 6 November 2010

Dreams of Commorragh

The new Dark Eldar Codex is out today and I'll be popping into Warhammer World to hopefully get a signed copy and maybe even meet Jes Goodwin. Now, the models that Jes designed for the Space Wolves in 1st edition along with a short story that Bill King wrote about Ragnar Blackmane leading a Drop Pod assault onto a Tyranid held planet were the things that got me into Space Wolves in the first place.

I've only had the briefest of glances at the Codex so most of the things I know have been gleaned from t'internet. With this is mind I've been having a think about what kind of list I'd like to run. Obviously there are going to be some problems with lack of miniatures (Venoms, fighter, bomber, etc) so this will be based around what is coming out in the first wave.

Now, I want to take advantage of the speed and close combat prowess of the Dark Eldar so at the moment I'm thinking about an Archon and some Incubi in a Raider backed up by a couple of units of Wyches also in Raiders. Then I'd take a big unit of Warriors to sit on an objective, some Hellions purely because of Rule of Cool and a couple of Ravagers to take care of enemy armour. Yes, it feels a bit battleforce-y (actually it will be interesting to see what's in the new DE Battleforce, will they replace the Jungle Tree set?) and I'm not sure how many points it is. I think you'd need a bit of luck with Combat Drugs to make it effective as you really need Feel No Pain otherwise you can end up losing a lot of models if your Raiders get shot down. You can actually give them their first Pain Token with Hormanculi which will give them FNP so I think that would probably be my second HQ choice.

I'm looking froward to starting a new army and from what I've heard the Dark Eldar have a good book but require a level of skill to make them work on the table.

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