Saturday, 6 November 2010

Know Your Rules - Wolf Standard

On Thursday I got tabled by two Space Wolf lists. Part of that was due to my Orks getting killed in close combat before they got to strike and the Space Wolves killing power was greatly increased by unfurling their Wolf Standards. For those who have yet to encounter one of these items, 10 points gets you a re-roll on all 1s in a single Assault Phase. That's To Hit, To Wound, Saves, Mark of the Wulfen attacks and Move Through Cover Assault move. Literally any 1s in the entire Phase. I don't run them on my five man Grey Hunter squads but on an 8-10 man squad they can be golden.

The key thing about the Standard is when you actually declare you're using it. Every time one got used on Thursday, its use was declared after I said that I was charging. However, in the Space Wolf Codex it says that it is used in the NEXT Assault Phase after used.

What does this mean? You have to say that you are using it in the shooting phase. Of course that could mean that your opponent decides not to charge you and the Standard is wasted. Well, I say wasted, but you've theoretically stopped yourself getting charged. In a tournament it could be pretty important when you declare that you're using the Standard otherwise you could lose out on re-rolling all of those 1s.


  1. Interesting.

  2. Yeah I was reading the INAT FAQ before Freebootaz in a few weeks and I came across this interesting new development! I'd always just declared it when I got charged and assumed it meant one phase from when you use it. The idea of denying someone a charge certainly appeals but I doubt many players who'd have considered charging grey hunters to be a good idea would be put off by the standard.

    I agree they're only really worth it about 8 models in the squad. There's better things to do with the points in small squads.

    PS Thanks for featuring From the Fang in your blog roll :). See you at Freebootaz!

  3. I think in most games it's not an issue. However, it is worth remembering just in case you play "that guy" at a tournament.

  4. No worries, always glad to support our wolfy brothers. Thank you for including ours on yours :-D

  5. I'm going to have to re-read my codex. totally didn't think this is how that piece of kit worked.

    Nice catch.


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